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Regarding: reaction to President Obama's Executive Action

11/21/2014 5:00 PM | American Families United (Administrator)


Regarding: reaction to President Obama's Executive Action

By Kimberly Anderson, President, AmericanFamiliesUnited.org

American Families United, on the eve following the announcement by President Obama applauds the White House for the courage to take an important first step in righting the wrongs of an immigration system that separates, exiles, and destroys US Citizen families and punishes US Citizen spouses for loving aspiring Americans. 

With full hearts,  the membership of our organization, comprised primarily of US Citizen spouses who are married to undocumented immigrants celebrate today for our AFU citizen families that will be made whole again under the President's action. Yet we simultaneously languish in the continued suffering of AFU's US Citizen spouse members who have been forgotten: Childless US citizen spouses and those trapped in exile abroad under the burden of a magnanimous  decision to keep their families united simply do not deserve further exclusion and punishment from their own country. It is untenable that as US citizens they would not be treated at least as favorably as others  in the President's brave effort to relieve the suffering of families torn apart. American Families United will not allow the cries of these families to be lost in today's noise, either in affirmation of the Executive Action's particulars or in criticism of its audacity. 

Our government can and must go further and must not leave US Citizens behind, period.  We are certain both the Administration and our legislative processes can work to eliminate this needless destruction of lives.  We have seen the best of effort to relieve this suffering in the bi-partisan efforts of Republican Congressman Steve Pearce and Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke as they brought forth HR3431, The American Families United Act, which corrects legislatively the fact that US Citizens who chose to marry foreigners should not be forced to choose between their country and their life.  We have been empowered by the expressions that US Citizen families being kept together is an American value, as exemplified by myriad other bi-partisan co-sponsors who listened to AFU members and then ACTED to right this wrong. 

Now it is time to ACT again.

While extremely grateful, AFU asks for immediate and continued examination by the Administration of AFU's proposed reliefs within both the framework and intent of present EA announcements. Finally, we call upon our legislators to work together immediately, as we have seen happen in bi-partisan efforts of HR3431 so that US Citizens  will be treated with the respect and dignity that their birth right, our American values, and humane laws should afford them.


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