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Group of Eight Senate Bill a Victory for Nuclear Families

04/17/2013 3:00 PM | American Families United (Administrator)
American Families United applauds Senators Menendez, Schumer, Rubio, Bennet, Durbin, Flake, McCain, and Graham for introducing an historic bi-partisan comprehensive immigration bill that includes judicial discretion to waive inadmissibilities for US citizen families.  US citizens who have sponsored their spouses through the existing legal immigration system, but are now separated or living in exile, are supported.

“This is a big day for my family,” stated NJ resident American Families United member Margot Bruemmer, who is currently living in exile in Mexico with her barred spouse.  “Our lobbying efforts have paid off--Senator Menendez and the others have listened to our pleas for help for our suffering families.”

The bill also recognizes legal permanent residents' spouses and children as immediate relatives, which has long been an issue high on American Families United’s priority list.  Other victories include visitor visas for families members who have been sponsored for immigration, as well as fixes to problems when sponsoring step children.

“This bill is an opportunity to fix many long-standing problems that contradict the basic values of marriage and family,” stated Randall Emery, President of American Families United “and we urge the Senate to protect these provisions and move quickly to pass them.”

American Families United’s advocacy goals will now shift to protecting nuclear family provisions in the Senate and working for similar provisions in the House.  Meetings with Senators and Members of Congress will continue.


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