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Senate Passes Historic Pro-US Citizen Immigration Bill

06/27/2013 10:23 PM | American Families United (Administrator)
The Senate today passed an historic, sweeping bi-partisan immigration bill, S 744, by a vote of 68-32, providing a glimmer of hope to thousands of US citizens living in exile or separated from their loved ones.

This is first time in recent memory that a comprehensive immigration reform bill has included US citizens.  Previous versions of comprehensive immigration reform, by focusing on the undocumented population in the US independently of any potential US citizens who may have sponsored them, have actually left the husbands, wives, and children of these American families out.

S 744 includes legislation that would allow immigration judges to weigh the nature of the immigration violation against the damage to US citizens whose families are outlawed or exiled by current law.  The bill also includes provisions to solve a variety of other issues that separate nuclear families.

“This is very encouraging,” stated American Families United Vice President Dana Forrester.  “I pray that the House of Representatives will pick up where the Senate left off to do the right thing for our families.”

The House will take up the issue of immigration reform in the coming weeks, but it is not clear if their bill will address the needs of U.S. citizens.

“This is the time, more than ever, for US citizens to meet with their Congressman or Congresswoman and ask that the interests of citizens be included in any bill that can pass this congress, ” said Randall Emery, President of American Families United.


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